How free gifts work

First, here are a couple videos from popular shows/news programs talking about free gifts.

How it works

Free Gift Sites rely on revenue from the companies which you complete offers from.

(Example: You complete an offer and get 5 friends to complete one as well. The Free Gift site will make enough money to pay for your gift and also make a bit of money for themselves as well)

Since some of the offers you can complete are free to do, you pay nothing and the free gift company gets paid by other companies to pay for your free gift.

It is that simple

To summarize:
-Free gift company gets paid by companies you complete offers for.
-Free gift company uses that money to buy your gift.
-You get gift and Free gift company gets a bit of money from the leftover money they earned.

NOTE: Every site I deal with guarantees your personal information safety. They will never give out any information you enter into their system. The information is only there to prevent fraud and ship your gifts to real locations. You may read each site's Terms of Service to learn more.

Do not trust any Freebie site that I have not listed. I have personally completed every one of these sites and can safely say everything is 100% Legit.

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Icedragon872 said...

I have myself received a Free item through For details, check out my website at

Hetti said...

hi! Could you reply promising that this is actually completely free! my parents are understandably cautious about it so ia it really free?

haddys said...

this is just wonderful nothing beter

haddys said...

this is just wonderful nothing beter

jessie said...

hello... is it available for all? im living in Philippines, and worried if the activity is only for few selected countries...

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Can we win more thing